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Our client focused firm dedicates its time as Palm Beach DUI Lawyer’s. The Law Office of Salnick, Fuchs & Bertisch, P.A. have over 20 years of experience as successful Palm Beach DUI Lawyer’s and understand the stress it can cause your family. The state of Florida takes DUI very seriously and imposes substantial fines and jail time for those convicted. If you are arrested for DUI, having the best Palm Beach DUI Lawyer available is your best course of defense. When you hire The Palm Beach DUI Lawyer’s at the Law Office of Salnick, Fuchs & Bertisch, P.A., you don’t just get a Palm Beach DUI Lawyer, you receive the best quality protection available. We serve all of Palm Beach County.

First Offense DUI

Don’t let one mistake change your whole life. By acting quickly you have the best chance to prevent your charge from becoming any more severe. Retaining an experienced Palm Beach DUI Lawyer right away is your best course of action.

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Second Offense DUI

Getting a second time DUI in Florida comes with new penalties. Seasoned Palm Beach DUI Lawyer knows the laws. Depending on the date of your last offense fines may increase.

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Third Offense DUI

Third Offense DUI is no laughing matter. This charge includes dramatically increased jail time, license revocation, and the possibility of additional criminal charges. If charged with third offense DUI retaining the best Palm Beach DUI Lawyer possible is imperative.
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Case Results

Be sure to view our log of case success. As experienced Palm Beach DUI Lawyer’s we take our cases and clients livelihoods very seriously, the results speak for themselves.

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DUI News Report

Follow our DUI News Report for up to date Florida DUI news and law changes. Check back monthly for updates.

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About us

The U.S government dedicates millions and millions of dollars annually to police departments. Our firm follows a simple maxim: If you are going to do the job, then do it right. Despite the fact that criminal cases typically decide the fate of your freedom court systems typically move at a rushed pace.

When you are accused of a crime time is of the essence. Our Palm Beach DUI Lawyer firm takes criminal charges seriously and moves quickly to be involved in cases before charges are even filed. We work with experienced private investigators to make sure we have ALL the facts. Our Palm Beach DUI lawyer’s strive to solve cases before they can even begin.

Our aggressive approach follows from investigation to trial. We use our specialized investigations to find weaknesses in our opponents plans and exploit them to benefit our clients. These weaknesses typically help us to suppress key evidence and in many cases the dismissal of charges. If you have been charged with a crime, have confidence in our Palm Beach DUI Lawyer’s due diligence. We leave no question unanswered and no stone unturned. Contact us today.

If you get pulled over for a DUI, there can be a lot of repercussions. Are you prepared for the penalties you could face? If you aren’t familiar with the charges you could be at serious risk to lose you license, see increased insurance costs, and that not even mentioning the fact that you could lose your job since you’ll have a hard time getting to work. Do you know if breathalyzer refusal is the right choice for you? Do you know why you need a Palm Beach DUI Lawyer?

The second time you get a DUI you are in a completely different world of penalties. On top of over a thousand dollars in fines, you also face jail time, license suspension, vehicle impound, and ignition interlock. You will also have to attend driving school and substance abuse counseling. Having an experienced Palm Beach DUI Lawyer on your side will help you get the leverage you need in court so that you can reduce or remove your penalties.

After a long day at work who can say no to have a few drinks with their coworkers? Of course, a few turns into a few too many and you end up driving home. You’ve been pulled over for DUI twice before. You know what you’re supposed to say by now. Help your Palm Beach DUI Lawyer and don’t incriminate yourself. Don’t do the field sobriety tests. Then you slip up when he asks you if you have been drinking and you say “a few”. You know where this is going. Hands behind your back. Duck your head down and into the cruiser. Next thing you know you have a Third Offense DUI.

When you’re arrested for third time offense in Florida there is only one type of arrest as opposed to the second and fourth offenses. Read More

When you get your fourth DUI offense, you are going to be done driving for life if you don’t get ahold of an experienced Palm Beach DUI Lawyer. Uncontested you are going to face losing your license indefinitely with no hope of ever getting it back. Couple that with the fact that you will likely be in jail for a considerable amount of time, not to mention that you will pay nearly five thousand dollars in fines. Fourth DUI offenses are serious and if you have been arrested for one you need to contact a Palm Beach DUI Attorney immediately.

Being arrested for DUI in Florida for the first time can be a frightening experience. What seems like the stupid mistake of having one too many drinks at the bar before you headed home can have lasting effects. DUI arrests happen every night and for reasons you wouldn’t imagine. Local police officers are cracking down on drunk driving in the area so you must be especially vigilant. Something as simple as rolling through a stop sign or not having your seat belt on is enough for any officer to pull you over. Once the officer has you stopped, if you admit to be drinking the officer can place you under arrest for DUI. It is important that you do you not incriminate yourself. Stay in your vehicle be calm and polite and do not voluntarily leave your vehicle. If you do leave the car you can then be subjected to field sobriety tests. The best thing you can do in these situations is to keep calm. If you follow these instructions it will greatly assist your Palm Beach DUI Lawyer. Read More

Hiring a Palm Beach DUI Attorney


Needing a Palm Beach DUI attorney is a situation that no one wants to find him or herself in. The best way to avoid needing an attorney to represent you in a DUI case is to avoid drinking and driving. However, if you are arrested on a DUI charge, you will need to hire an expert who can help navigate the drunk driving laws in Florida.

The Palm Beach DUI Attorneys at the Law Office of Salnick, Fuchs & Bertisch, P.A. can be of assistance when you need a Palm Beach DUI attorney. The firm specializes in taking an aggressive stance when representing their clients in court. The attorneys along with their expert team of private investigators will look at all the facts to ensure you have the best defense possible.

A Palm Beach DUI Lawyer Helps Protect Those in Trouble


The laws against driving while intoxicated are more stringent now than ever, requiring people to need help from a Palm Beach DUI lawyer. This extra vigilance by authorities is quite understandable. It is dangerous for people to take to Florida roads while under the influence of alcohol and serious drugs. When someone does so, they place themselves and others in jeopardy. Lives are at stake because of this negligent act, as a Palm Beach DUI lawyer will inform clients.

>Good People Need a Palm Beach DUI Lawyer Too
It is not always a bad person who ends up in trouble with the law. Unlike television, in which the villains are always well-crafted to appear as such, in real life, it is the average person who often stands before a judge on DUI charges. When this happens, they need a Palm Beach DUI Lawyer with compassion to handle things. After all, there is a lot at stake if convicted of a DUI in Florida, especially without a Palm Beach DUI lawyer.

Deborah S.

Criminal Defense

I am very proud to recommend to everyone, Palm Beach DUI lawyer DUI Lawyer Michael Salnick, for his legal services. He has worked on cases for our family and we are very pleased with his work ethics. His professionalism was outstanding, his knowledge of the law was superior and understanding our needs was so important to us. He was always there for me.
I appreciate all that he did for our family.

R. E.

Criminal Defense

Michael is a dedicated professional who is skilled at litigation in state and federal court. His persistence is seen not only in his handling of individual clients, but also in his efforts to sharpen his skills and learn new ways to defend his clients in trial. I recommend this Palm Beach DUI Lawyer.

Mark H.

Fellow Attorney

Michael has a tremendous work ethic and driving force to go above and beyond for his clients. The courtroom is a better place with Michael in it!